Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Pirate Adventures now in book form!

The exploits of The Festering Boil and its colorful crew are now available in book form!

The daring adventures of Cap'n Slappy, Ol' Chumbucket, their crew and friends can make a handsome addition to your bookshelf. Or, look impressive sitting on the back of the toilet. Wherever you keep your favorite reading matter.

We took the first two complete adventures from this blog story and made them available at lulu.com, the best print-on-demand service on the Web!

"The Diego Garcia Caper" is the first piece, an epic story that careens from the Caribbean to the coast of Africa to the middle of the Indian Ocean. Follow the adventures of Slappy, Ol' Chumbucket, Cementhands, Mad Sally, Sir Nigel, Dogwatch, Jezebel, George The Greek, the Drip and all the rest as the race for romance, riches and revenge!

Then continue the adventure in "The Sao Paolo Caper," as the crew of The Festering Boil seek gold and glory in Brazil, only to run into a dangerous roadblock – Cap'n Slappy's ex-wives!

Just click here to visit our Web site's book page and learn how to order.

And thanks for supporting the Ship's Log o' the Festering Boil!

Ol' Chumbucket

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