Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Two quick notes

We are making some major behind-the-scenes changes on our Web site, mostly stuff you won't notice although there are a couple of important updates. The downside is, our e-mail will be screwed up for a few days. Patience is the watch word. If you send us an e-mail, we SHOULD get it eventually, but not necessarily right away. If we haven't answered in a couple of days, don't be embarrassed (pirates embarrassed?) about sending again. And again. Hopefully this will be a painless transition.

Sure. It could happen.

Second, the next Pirate Tale installment in the ongoing adventures of the Festering Boil has been delayed. It's my turn to write (Ol' Chumbucket) but I've been sick. In fact, not to get all alarmist, I actually had to have a little surgery over the weekend. Not emergency surgery, but certainly unexpected. you might call the problem a festering boil, as a matter of fact, although it's not. So anyway, I'm still a little high on the pain pills right now and I'm kind of surprised there aren't more typos in this. I know what I want to write and what I want to do, I'm just having a little focus trouble. I should have something up within a couple of days. Now the room is starting to spin again so I'll post this and go lay down again before the Official Lusty Pirate Wench gets out the cat.

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