Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Head on a Swivel

What a day! From my vantage point in the VIP both, I could watch both the Brazil vs. Argentina match AND the finals of the men's "Free Form Flogging" competition - the decathalon of Pirate Flogging Events.

Leftenant Keeling, not surprisingly, won the gold over "Maniac" Martin McMurderer - or, as he is known on the circuit, "Tripple M." He's brutal, but he isn't nearly as icily Sadistic as our own Leftenant Keeling when he is in "the zone."

However, I couldn't take my eyes off the women's game as Brazil just SPANKED Argentina. Seriously, you should have seen it! They literally spanked them. God! I hope somebody recorded that.

Well, it's off to do a test of my new ointment - Cap'n Slappy's Sting-B-Gone Spank Salve

Having the time of my life!

Cap'n Slappy

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