Thursday, January 06, 2005


Coming Monday ...

Starting Monday, Jan. 10, Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket are going to start tag-teaming a pirate story here on the blog. Nothing fancy or profound or even necessarily publishable. Maybe not even something good, we just don't know. It's just a little something to keep us going until we get going on our NEXT book, which we've already got in mind but we're not ready to start working on.

I'll be writing installments on Monday and Wednesday and Friday. Cap'n Slappy will be taking over on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On the seventh day, we rest. At least, that's the schedule we plan. Whether we actually keep to the schedule will be one more adventure.

We haven't planned the story in any way. We haven't talked about plot or structure or length or setting or anything. We're just going to plunge off into the unknown, playing it by ear, using it as a writing exercise while risking ridicule and abuse from our friends (We do too have friends!) by making it public.

So we'll see where things go. When we have something to announce – an upcoming appearance by the Pirate Guys or information about the new book (due out in late summer from Penguin) or anything else – we'll continue to post those under the heading "Ship's Log of the Festering Boil." The story will be headed ... well, gee, I don't know what it'll be headed. That's another of those things we have talked about. Since I go first, I guess I'll get to decide.

So look for the new Pirate Guys adventure on this blog beginning Monday. We promise you it'll be ... different.

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