Friday, September 17, 2004


The price o' popularity

The blog's been up an' down like a yoyo today, an' the Web site has reverted temporarily to a backup edition a few days old. 'Tis very likely the result o' the massive number of hits both are gettin' as TLAPD draws nigh.

Between the interviews an' the impending partyin', we're not frettin' over it; things'll get sorted out an' updated as we find time. Meanwhile: Fair sailin' t'ye all, an' happy Talk Like A Pirate Day Eve!

-- The WebWench

I have fast pirate fiction at my blog. arrr, but I'm pathetic at the TLAP thing I'm hoping the entrants will be better.

When you wake up on Monday you TLAP pros can enter too. Just take a nip of the hair of the dog and dash out the 55 word TLAP story. Due Sept 20, more like Sept 21. Ya win booty, too. REAL BOOTY!!!!

Arrr Can't do anything 'cept as anonymous. Arrrghdammit I hate this newfangled blog nonsense. .
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