Friday, September 03, 2004


The price o' popularity ...

We're startin' to hear reports that our Web site is loadin' mighty slow these days. No surprise, that; if last year is any indication, we're startin' t'see the leadin' wave of a tsunami o' hits that should break ashore right around September 19th (to torture a metaphor.)

We host our site on a small-but-trusty local ISP, an' for 11 months o' the year, everything runs ship-shape. But come September,we get smaped - to the point where the lads have shoved us off by our lonesome on a separate server so's we don't carry the rest o' their hosted sites down with us. Last year we got 19 million hits in the first couple o' weeks o' the month, an' this year we're already well ahead o' where we were on Sept. 3, 'Ought-three.

You people have far too much time on yer hands.

I'm plannin' to put a wee note to that effect on the site this weekend, urgin' folks what want to keep abreast o' things to visit the blog, so we may see things pick up a bit here soon, too. O' course, that means I'll have t'nudge Ol' Chumbucket an' Cap'n Slappy t' find some time t'actually post some updates ...

An' then start thinkin' about buyin' some beer for the lads from the network engineering crew on the 19th ...

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