Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Pirate Romance is in the Airrrrrr!

Did ye get married/engaged/"knocked up" or simply "snuggled with" on/around or "because of" International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

I'm so curious ye could put me in a monkey suit and call me "George."

Tell us all about it - and be as saucy as ye please.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
We Got Engaged on TLAP Day 2002!
Ahoy, Cap'n Slappy and Cap'n Chumbucket,

Thanks for starting this blog! Here is how it all started - my fiancee sent the following e-mail to let you guys know about our "special" relationship with "International Talk Like a Pirate Day:"

"Just wanted to share this with ye. Me beauty & me were aimin' to get hitched, & I had the golden booty in me pocket, ready for the grand day ... when what should I hear on NPR but a report that this very day be "International Talk Like A Pirate Day". So I says to meself, Self, I says, today be the day. Tis a sign. After all, any bloke can forget an anniversay, but who can forget Talk Like A Pirate Day? A perfect plan, methinks, & so I goes and does it -- down on one knee like a shiverin' lubber, heart apoundin' like surf on a coral reef. She says, Aye, she says, & now me heart's as glad as a bishop with his hand on the booty. We be seekin' to cohabitate now, & afore the next moon, should be acamped in our own wee cottage.
PS: Arrr is me fav'rite consonant, & Aye is me fav'rite vowel.

So's Quartermaster JackTar James lets me know that he wrote, and I decides to put in me own two gold doubloons. I writes to Slappy:

Ahoy! I am the Pirate Queen/Head Blockade Runner of Quartermaster JackTar James, who recently wrote a note to ye old salts about how he proposed to me on "International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2002." I was mighty pleased to find your website on line!

I have to agree that my First Mate's proposal made our engagement date a day that we won't ever forget (and ye know how ye lads can be about forgetting anniversaries, right? LOL). Now we celebrate by talking like love-struck pirates on Sept. 19th, and making our own festivities in our "private quarters." Hopefully, we will be gettin' hitched to our own windlass by this time next year!

And to Cap'n Slappy, thanks fer creating a forum where we could share our our nuptual involvement on TLAP Day 2002! Methinks as well that it was quite a romantic thing indeed; I knew that JackTar was going to propose soon, but he pushed the date up when he learned of TLAP Day on NPR. Next thing I knew, he's a banging at the door of my poop deck (wait. . . that sounds wrong!) and is down on one knee with the proper glimmerin' booty in one hand, and saying "ARRGH! Will ye have me, me fair lass?" How could a wench with any heart in her lusty bosom say "nay?" Now I know I will have a lad who will never forget our anniversary, and as we are both fascinated by all things piratical (historically speaking, mainly), this was a perfect day for us! When the time comes, we will have to send your crew the wedding photos so you can see what a difference you tars have made in our lives!

It is great to be able to share this story with the crew! (And thanks for the tagline, Slappy!)

Wishing a warm Westerly wind in your all sails,

"Bloody Bebe" of the HMS Bride-to-Be
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