Sunday, September 19, 2004


It's an honor

OK, I was a little drunk when I made that last post.

I've been awake about two hours, and it's been a fairly surreal day already. Mad Sally forced me from me hammock and brought me over to Cap'n Slappy's quarters where we awaited a phone call from a radio station for another interview. This was a Dutch radio station. We were interviewed by a DUTCH RADIO STATION. Very odd. They spoke to us in English, and that's what we spoke because we sure as hell don't know any Dutch. Then we stayed on the line listening to them talk - and Dutch is a cool sounding language - and they had a spirited discussion that appeared to be about the difference between "Star Trek" and "Star Wars." Both of those titles came up repeatedly. Then they had a caller, speaking Dutch, who was apparently doing a Klingon talking like a pirate. That was when I realized my life has taken on a other-wordly twist from which it may never recover.

Moments later the phone rang again. It was our brother Mark Jensen of the Seattle Seafair Pirates, extending to us the honor of membership in that organization. I can't tell what a great privilege that is. These guys are the very best, and we accept with a great deal of pride. You will see us next year at the Tacoma tall ship festival June 30 to July 5, and of course at Seattle's Seafair the last week in July. So this is both the best and most peculiar day of our lives.

Ol' Chumbucket

Avast ye! Now that ye be sobered up a touch, I, Blackhearted Cleo, Cap'n o' the HHS Split Infinitive, beg yer permission to board yer blog.

Arrr, thank ye kindly.

I comes o' purpose o' tellin' ye that we be observin' yer fine holiday at and cleolinda.livejournal, where there be grog for all scurvy dogs and poxy swabs until nightfall, when we loots ye and kicks ye o'er the quarterdeck into the briny deep. I mean... we gives ye lodgin' in the bilge until ye sleeps it off. Yes. That's what I be meanin'. Arrr.
Yarr! We be in high spirits and high on spirits, true to the day over at GGC Media! We be makin' a new logo and ever'thin'!

Yarr! And may ye parrot not leave somethin' foul on your shoulder, matey!
Arrrr me hearties. 'tis a fine fine day te be alive fer we celebrate our day wit style.

now with beggin' the captains pardon, there's a treasure boat with the gold of the spanish main jus off me starboard and I aim to relieve the ship of its treasure the crew of its lives.

Avast Ye Swabbies, there's treasure to take and a ship to board!!!

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