Sunday, September 19, 2004


How did ye celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Tell us about it - or send a photo - an' we'll put it on the Web site for the world t'see.

Ye can use the comments here to tell us about yer adventures, or send 'em via our contact page. Yer photo - just one, please, no more than 600x400 pixels in size, can be sent to the WebWench.

Here's how Team Pirate celebrated TLAPD Eve.

(If ye get a "file not found" page, that just means the flood o' visitors has kicked ye over to the backup version o' the site, which is a few days old. Hopefully we'll be able to get our Webhost to synch it up tomorrow. Meanwhile, keep tryin' an you should be able t'see the current stuff).

Now I'm off to quaff a few (more) beers with the Pirate Guys at our favorite brewpub, which happens t'be conveniently located across Cap'n Slappy's back fence.

Fair winds t' ye all!

-- The Webwench

Arrr me mateys! Ye seemed to have had a jolly TLAPD...or el día de hablando como piratas. I dressed up today to get into character, then went to church. I had my mom wear a pirate hat too...though she wasn't too excited and made me sit next to her. Today was also the first day of Sunday School so I took me crew and made them true pirates! I taught them some basic pirate lingo and then we ran around the playground killing the pirate-eating crocodiles and sailing our jungle gym vessel through the seven seas. I figure...God...pirates...they're all the same for today.
Cap'n Liz
Burbank, CA
An' Fair Winds right back at ye! Greetin's an piratical loooove from the frequently-elusive-but-still-fond-of-ye Cracked Carrie, who celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day at the Renaissance Faire, meetin' up with piratical pals from Tales of the Seven Seas and getting a temporary piratical tattoo licked onto Um. Somewhere.

Ahem. Where was I?

Ah, yes! HAPPY TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!!! ARRRRRR!!! To you, an' Chumbucket an', of course, me dear friend Cap'n Slappy! I miss ye all!!!!

- Carrie
yo ho!
The 4A club ( ) celebrated the only way possible - lengthened it to Pirate WEEK! Sporting paper pirate hats all week, speaking like pirates when ever possible and we even got some homework handed in in ye ol' pirate talk. On the 17th we dressed up as full pirates and lowered anchor in the caribbean (outside the photography room). We spent the official day at the Auckland (New Zealand) Zoo (sadly had our swords confiscated early on as a precautionary measure). A swash-buckling day had by all! AArrrrr.
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