Saturday, September 04, 2004


A good contest to enter

Sept. 4, 2004
Ol' Chumbucket, recording

If you haven't signed up for the Florida Giveaway through our site - go back and do so NOW. It's a heck of a trip - last weekend of January you and a friend could be off on a Southwest Airlines flight to the TradeWinds Island Resort (pirate themed, naturally) in St. Pete's Beach. Across the bay, in Tampa, they'll be celebrating the Gasparilla Festival, one of the biggest and best pirate-themed fetivals in the world, and you'll have VIP tickets!!!! (Sorry - the contest is open to U.S. residents only. We didn't make the rules, we just provide the portal.)

So sign up. It doesn't cost you anything, the company running the contest says your info won't be abused, and man . wouldn't that be a grat prize to win!!!

I dated a reformed pirate who was adamant about two things: 1. The Jolly Rogers should not be flown outside of Disneyworld. The Brotherhood of the Coast or some such organization voted the flag of the hourglass the official one a couple centuries ago (you see it from their mast, you're time's up (you probably know this)). 2. Pirates shouldn't say "argh" outside of same amusement park unless in a clever, self-deprecatory fashion.
Well said, Trish! No pirate should ever say aarrgh unless he or she has sat on a belaying pin. Here at Talk Like a Pirate Day we prefer Aarrr! Northeasterns and English seem to prefer Yar! But ALL pirates should learn to get beyon Aarrr. Otherwise it all gets a little tedious, don't you think? There's a whole world of priate talk out there. Use it.

I cannot, however, agree about the Jolly Roger. The whole point of being a pirate is to do what you bloody well want to. Many pirates used the skull and cross bones. Many did not. Most used their own distinctive variants of the pirate flag so cowering merchantmen could tell who it was that was about sending them to the bottom.
Ol' Chum, I called my old boyfriend for a clarification on this Jolly Rogers thing. He agreed with you that enforcement of the hourglass flag would be at loggerheads with the freedom of expresion encouraged and fostered by the Brotherhood. He added, however, that flying the JR is not unlike wearing bellbottoms. But if you like it...

On the subject of custom flags, the ex happens to own a chair engraved on the back with Blackbeard's logo (himself, holding an hourglass, banging flagons in a toast with the Grim Reaper), which was also on his flag. Blackbeard, as you know, was a guy who lit his head on fire and thought less of killing people than I do watering my plants. When asked their opinion of his flag, everybody told BB they liked it very much.
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