Friday, September 17, 2004


A fine day, and the weekend coming!

First things first: The beignets (pronounced, I think, something like bin-yay) at Island Joe's were wonderful. Just these balls of puffy dough, fried and served with powedered sugar. Heaven.

Cap'n Slappy and meself had a fine time in porltand hanging out at Island Joes, meeting people, giving away some prizes, having fun. Met some great folk and the wait staff was great - they kept bringing us food and coffee. And special thanks to Steve Woodward of the Oregonian for a great article that brought a lot of folks in.

A good thing for all the coffee because it's been a very long day and tomorrow will be longer. We've been on the air in San Jose, Canberra Australia, Swindon England, and other places. Friday we'll be on the air in L.A., Salt Lake City, Escabana Mich. Bakersfield and on a couple of syndicated shows - so we might be popping out of your radio in the damndest places. Give a listen and let us know how we sound.

And we hope to see anyone who can make it at our Talk Like a Pirate Day Eve party Saturday beginning at 8 p.m. at Riley's Billiard Room in beautiful downtown Albany Oregon.

Have a great Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend. Keeping spreading the word - and the word is Aarrr!

Arrrrrg! I just heard you maty's on the Bob and Tom show. The Talk Like a Pirate Day brought a song to me heart and a swagger to me step.

Thanks for the laugh!
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