Sunday, September 05, 2004


College poll

It's poll time!

Cap'n Slappy wants to know:

Which university will celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with the biggest party this year?

One vote to a customer, mateys ...

As of 6pm Pacific Time on Monday Sept. 6. The University of Washington and Oregon State University are leading with four votes a piece. Georgetown University is giving a strong showing as "write in" at three votes!

So, let's see who else is going to be celebrating!? Where are ye, Harvard?!?
As of 5:24 am on Tuesday, September 7

University of Washington leads with 5 votes
Oregon State and Colgate Universities are tied with 4
"My Arse" makes a fine showing with "BUTT" one vote.
Ahoy Colgate! Ye're in the lead as of Sept. 8 at 5:22am (Pacific Time)

Go Colgate!
Aye, now we have a race! Georgetown and Colgate Universities - neck and neck at 11 a piece! Still, "my arse" is bringin' up the rear with two bulbous and seductive votes!
Georgetown leads with 36 votes! Colgate follows with 17 and the University of Sydney has 14! Voting will close soon - be sure and cast yer votes!

By the way, "my arse" has kept but the two it has and now trails miserably.
We Have A WINNER! Georgetown University with a total of 47 votes! Followed by Colgate and the University o' Sydney roundin' out the tri-fecta!

"My arse" sadly ended up far behind.

Congrats to the Hoyas! (or, as we shall call them, "The Yo Ho-Yarrrrs!")
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