Monday, September 13, 2004


Celebratin' the Weekend!

We asked you to send us yer plans. Lord love ya, scores of ya did just that. So many that I can't list them all at once. So here's the first batch, and I'll keep adding to it as the week progresses.

If yer in any of these areas, take note:

South Pole
The South Pole Bar Club, the official port for Talk Like a Pirate Day in Antarcatica, reports that it will "revel in the bounty of liquor." They then say several other things which shouldn't be repeated here because kids might be reading, but rest assured they'll be having a VERY good time. And then, "before the sun strikes the yardarm it's off to the Isle of New Zealand for drunken debauchery."

Nashville, Tenn.
The Plowhaus Artists Cooperative will host "AAAARRT!" -- the pirate art show -- on September 18th. Those attending are asked to wear pirate or pirate-themed garb. The address is 213 South 17th Street, Nashville. Call (615) 262-2224 for more information.

For the second year in a row, James in HOUSTON will be leading an AA meeting on TLAP -- and conducting the whole thing in pirate talk, from the time they hoist anchor with the Serenity Prayer 'till they sail into home port with theĀ group announcements. "It went over splendidly last year (though not everone participated) and this year it's even been suggested that people attend dressed as (sober) pirates."

St. Augustine, Fla.
The Maiden's Pub Association will host an event at Scarlett O'Hara's Restaurant. Local reenactors will be on hand, and a group from the restoration area will come over to sing some bawdy sea shanties.

So that's a start, and just scratchin' the surface. We'll have plenty more as the week progresses, so keep checking back. And don't forget to sign up for the Poopdeck, the online newsletter of Talk Like a Pirate Day. You can sign up by sending an e-mail to In the body of the message, just write, subscribe poopdeck" The rest will be taken care of.

Arr! I ca't wait for talk like a pirate day! I'm gonna stay up, and, at the stroke 'o midnight, I'm gonna say "Arr! It's talk like a pirate day!" And I'm gonna talk like a pirate ALL DAY LONG and it's going to be GREAT!!!

Simply, my plans are to drink rum until I can't feel feelings, to curse at all who walk by, and to heckle ex-girlfriends over the telephone using pirate-like language and inflections of voice. Oh, wait, that was last Sunday. Well, I'm sure I'll think of something...

Great idea fellas.

Shameless plug for my pirate-themed blog:
My name is Crazy Craig. I've been doing an internet radio show here at
for 6 years. I found out about Talk Like A Pirate Day last year on the local news. I
am stoked that Talk Like A Pirate day falls on a Sunday this year, cuz that is when
I do my show. I have been promoting Talk Like A Pirate Day on Myspace for a couple
of weeks now. My page is show name "Super Rock Sunday" I plan on talking like a
pirate during my whole show, as well as play music from bands who I feel exude the
pirate ethic. There is a band called Pigmy Love Circus that did a video on a pirate
ship for their song "Mutiny on the Bounty". Another band Scissorfight have several
songs about pirates, the best one being "The Gibbetted Captain Kidd". If you feel so
inclined to post something on your site about my show, here is the info.

Log onto from 3 to 5pm Pacific time. I am renaming the show Super
Scurvy Sunday just for this sunday
Please give me an e-mail back, I am very enthusiastic about this and have been
waiting a whole year just to do this
Crazy Craig
Dear Folks -

[ <...opens hailing frequencies... tap, tap... "Is this thing on?" (The
TML seems unusually quiet at the moment...) ]


For those of you planning to celebrate International "Talk Like A Pirate"
Day on Sunday, you may like to grab the "Captain Pugwash" theme from here:

Click on "Themes", then A-E, then scroll down..

(The direct page is here:
...just search for "pugwash" and you'll find it)

Arrr, me hearties!
David "Hyphen" Jaques-Watson Beowulf Down (Tavonni/Vilis/SM 1520)
Web: Email:
"I file things in historical order, with a hashing algorithm of gravity"
Aye, I'll be workin' all weekend, damn it all. But, since I have a radio to communicate with me dispatch, I'll be speakin' in Piratese Arr Arr Arr!
Oh, I've posted a poop deck full of Pirate Haiku on me blog...

Eel-Slime Eric
More local (to somebody) plans can be found on the TLAPD Web site, which seems t'be holdin' up to the onslaught o' traffic remarkably well this year.

- Ye WebWench
My crew will be dressing up as and talking like Pirates all three days of the Eugene Celebration. If you're going to the celebration, please wear you pirate gear!!!!
Aarr, avast and belay heaving on "shanties" dem is Chanties, dag blab it.

Carry on.
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