Friday, August 20, 2004


See you at the coast

SHIP'S LOG: Aug. 20,
Aboard the Festering Boil
Ol' Chumbucket recording

Ahoy! We're spending the day taking care of last minute things (like picking up my pirate gear from the cleaners - don't want to hit the stage in me underwear, now do I?) for our visit to the coast.

Cap'n Slappy and I will be at the visitor center at the Hatfield Marine Science Center at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. Lynne Wright, who runs the center's bookstore, expects a full house. Considering the Henning Auditorium hold about 180 folk - that's a daunting proposition. We'll be singing a little (Cap'n Slappy's sea chantey for the children - I'm a Pirate - is always a big hit at these events) doing a little reading and just generally being nonsensical. We hope you can all be there. The Hatfield Center (or HMSC, as is't know in some circles) is in Newport's South Beach area, just over the bridge and right next to the aquarium. HMSC, by the way, is one of the best tourist values on the Oreogn Coast. It's where a lot of the real science about the ocean is conducted, and its visitor center is free. For more information on the visitor center go to

See you there!

Thanks be for an entertainin afternoon watch, gents. And for a completely gratuitous link, set yer bearin's to this web site fer some booty...
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