Thursday, August 19, 2004


A month to go!

Ship's Log: Aug. 19, 2004
Aboard the Festering Boil
Ol' Chumbucket, recording

One month until Talk Like a Pirate Day!

We sent out the Poopdeck today with that announcement. If you don't get the Poopdeck, it's our online newsletter that comes out periodically - whenever the mood strikes. You can sign up for it to come to your very own inbox at our site. No fancy HTML, mateys, just plain ol' text - and we won't share yer address with a soul! Just send a message to

with the words "subscribe poopdeck" in the body. Make sure yer usin' a valid e-mail address, or ye'll never get the thing!

And remember to post comments here on the Ship's Log to let us know what your plans are for Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend!

Well I've been mentioning the upcoming day fairly regularly on my own blog, and I'm considering posting everything like a pirate on that wonderful day.

It should be a ting o' beauty....
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