Saturday, August 21, 2004


Apologies and not

Well it was a busy day giving offense without meaning to.

We had a lot of fun at our Newport event, and the audience of about 150 did too. BUT the audience was somewhat younger than we're used to. Familes and kids average age about 7. We tried trimming and editing our material on the fly, but with only partial success. Everybody seems to have had a good time (they particularly liked the "I'm A Pirate" song,) but a couple of people left, grumbling that they had been told it would be family friendly. Certainly not by me. But seriously. it was much less offensive than most of what's on TV, but what do you want us to do? We're pirates!

But it went well, most had fun, and we had a good time ourselves.

This evening Cap'n Slappy got an e-mail warning that someone had fired a broadside at us on Piracy Pub, a Web site we link to. It's a chat place, mostly, and someone was extremely honked off because, they said, our link refers to it as a place for people "who take their piracy too seriously."

NO NO NO. That's not what we said at all. Look again. The Piracy Pub is linked with several other pirate re-enactor sites which, our Web Wench poiints out in the heading, are for "People who (unlike us) take their piracy seriously." It's not a slam at them. It's a light-hearted slam at US for being sort of wastrels and doofuses and ... well, guys. Our Web Wench was taking a poke at US, not at the pub.

So we're sorry if someone took offense and only wish they had read what it actually says on our Web site. We respect the Piracy Pub and its patrons, and have turned to its leader, Jamaica Rose, often when we had questions that needed answering.

But life is short enough without taking offense where none is actually intended or even offered.

That's right, bucko, blame it on the WebWench.

As to the easily offended, there can be only one response. Put on yer best Johnny Depp impression and answer, loud an' clear:

"Uh ... Pirates!!!"
Ah, Jez, ya misunderstand me. I was not attempting to blame you or anyone! My point is that the words written (which ya did write, and I never ever ever complained nor will I) should offer no reason for blame or offense or anything.
Aye - I were there and you scalawags were the epitome of young'n tolerance. Ye calmed yer speach to fit the audience. No lashes fer you - extra grog is in order I believe!
Eel Slime Eric
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