Wednesday, August 18, 2004


What Are Yer Piratical Plans?

We all recognize that TLAP Day is on a Sunday this year. There are some visionary religious leaders who will indeed be performing their Sunday sermons in Pirate-eze. Cap'n Slappy himself helped write one sermon for a minister in Scotland who will spread the word to his congregation with Pirate flair! So while technically Sept. 19th falls on the Sabbath, we encourage all Pirateers to party the entire weekend and countdown the stroke of midnight on Saturday with a hearty ARRR! This year it is indeed, International Talk Like A Pirate Day Weekend!

Now that we have that straight, tell us some of your plans! Are you having a party on a cruise ship? Are you donning eyepatches on Friday in the office for the water-cooler takeover? Are you a wee laddie or lassie planning a treasure hunt? With only one month till TLAP day Weekend, the Pirate Guys and the Mad Wenches want to hear about it here! Don't forget to tell us what city and country you're from.

Party heartily 'till your sea legs fall off, but remember: Good l'il pirates don't drink and drive!

Scurvily Yours,
Mad Sally

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I am the Associate Pastor at a Presbyterian Church but unfortunately I am not scheduled to preach on that day. Although I do run the youth groups that meet on Sunday evening and I can guarantee that we will be having some pirate activities that evening!

I didn't realize TLAP was on Sunday this year until just now so I don't have any specifics yet, but I'll be interested to keep abreast of other people's plan so I can plunder their ideas for me own uses.

Do you think an eyepatch would like good with a robe and stole?
Rev! A black eye patch goes with EVERYTHING! It's the classic fashion statement.

As to your dilemma, have you seen the TLAPDay sermon posted on our Web site? It's a real sermon, not some sort of nonsense we ginned up. It was written by the ship's chaplain of the Festering Boil, Red Robin, a minister in Scotland. And it's really pretty good. The perfect sermon for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

How about other men (and women) of the cloth? Any of you have plans to note TLAPDay?

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that our book, "Well BLow Me Down," has a whole section on how to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day at church. It was written by Caop'n Slappy hisself!
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