Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the first entry of the ship's log! All you interactive scurvy dogs now have a forum for your daily ramblings!

To start us out right, I will pose a question of great importance:

Mad Sally's question of the day:

Which is more useful:

Scurvily yours,
Mad Sally

Speaking as a pirate who fits most of the above description, I'd have to say a woman would find a tuna fish far preferable for both company and practicality.
Can a tuna fish say "Arrrrrrrrh"?
This should answer it. Next question.

Hanno, Scourge of Lake Constance
Th' usefulness o' a large, fresh tuna fish or a one-legged pirate wi' all th' qualifications ye mentioned, Mad Sally, probably depends on what yer intended use is! If ye're hungry, an' are a-hankerin' fer a mouth-waterin' marinated tuna steak, obviously th' fresh tuna would be right useful. But if ye're a-hankerin' fer... uh, companionship, th' tuna's goin' t' leave ye sorely disappointed. O' course, there's th' possibility that th' aforementioned pirate will ALSO leave ye sorely disappointed. But methinks yer chances fer companionship are better wi' th' pirate than wi' th' tuna... especially if ye're lucky enough t' either like th' smell o' month-old roses, or if yer sense o' smell is less sensitive than whatever parts o' yer anatomy appreciate yer pirate's poetry.
Yers helpfullly,
Cap'n Mazeppa
Well, I do need companionship from time to time, but there is nothing better than raw tuna fish sandwiches served lightly toasted on sourdough bread with a side o' lime to prevent scurvy. And after the last one legged pirate I loved, that no good, foul mouthed, lily livered octopus, I'd have to say that between the two...
Give me the pirate guy every time and damn the tuna fish!
Scurvily yours,
Mad Sally
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